Free tech. tools & solutions for Non-profits


TechSoup helps equip Non-profits with transformative technology solutions and skills they need to improve lives globally and locally.

It is important to note that TechSoup has a few websites that cater to locally and internationally registered Non-profits. Please do check out the TechSoup Global Network in order to know which of the websites to apply from based on the country your organisation is registered in.


Non-profits often face attacks from powerful and entrenched opponents, yet operate on limited budgets and lack the resources to secure themselves against malicious traffic intended to silence them.

If you’re an organisation working on behalf of the arts, human rights, civil society, or democracy, you can apply for Project Galileo to get Cloudflare’s highest level of protection, for free.

Cloudflare provides robust security to enterprises that are the targets of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)  and other cyber attacks. Cloudflare’s Project Galileo has made that same security available for at-risk public interest websites at no cost.


Empower your team to create high-impact social media graphics and marketing materials for free.

Canva offers its premium version free to registered non-profits.


Create non-profit fundraising videos that help people open their hearts to your cause. In minutes you can produce content for social media marketing, email blasts, or presentations that’ll help share what your non-profit or charity does and how it’s helping make the world a better place.


Even if you have the best intentions, doing good is hard and you need the same level as professionalism and performance as in the business world. Slow loading websites could harm a non-profit organisation in the same way as it does for the rest of the sites. When resources are scarce, you don’t afford to miss any opportunity.

ShortPixel helps non-profit initiatives with their image optimisation needs.



ONLYOFFICE is a project developed by experienced IT experts from Ascensio System SIA, leading IT company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. ONLYOFFICE provides you with the most secure way to create, edit and collaborate on business documents online. ONLYOFFICE offers a complete productivity suite with document management, project management, CRM, calendar, mail, and more. Here you obtain a single multi-featured system to organise every step of your organisation’s work improving your productivity and optimising efforts for success. Get free ONLYOFFICE Cloud Solution for your nonprofit project.